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    Dynamic Prompt


      Am having one prompt with three filter conditions means P1 as prompt C1,C2,C3 are three filter conditions. If i select C1 , the other C1,C2 should be hide or disable , similarly for C2,C3.


      Is it possible to achieve. Dynamic prompt based on selection of other propmt condiion in Obiee 11g




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          Hi Raja,


          I'm not sure I follow exactly what you're asking... You want to make a selection from prompt P1 and use this to change the available options in another prompt?  Is that correct?


          One way would to do this....

          Set a presentation variable in P1.  Create a section for each condition and use the presention variable to show/hide the appropriate section.




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            I have one prompt(p1) with three columns(c1,c2,c3) , I want to restrict the user to select only column at a time, in the prompt(p1) and the others(c2,c3) have to disable.


            hope u understand my query.




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              asim cholas

              Hi Raja Gopal,


              You can use javascript to enable this functionality. Otherwise create three seperate prompts and keep it in different section and hide the sections according to the selection.


              Please check this URL for javascript based prompt


              OBIEE JavaScript | Intelligent Insight

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                I went through the URL for javascript, it has mentioned that we need to add javascript in dashboard,

                Can you please tel me how to add javascript in dashboard ? did they mean to add those script under  dashboard->Section->dashboard object as text




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                  asim cholas

                  There is an object Text in the edit dashboard page's left end. You can see that along with Sections,Columns,Links etc. just paste your code there and check HTML option in that.

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