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    12c database overview page

    Otgontugs Miimaa

      I can see the panel below on the Database Home page of EM 11g. When i click "Problem Tablespaces" link, it goes to tablespace usage alert page. But can't find this panel on EM 12c.

      Space Summary

      Database Size (GB)https://pdb-cluster-scan.savingsbank.mn:5500/em/cabo/images/t.gifhttps://pdb-cluster-scan.savingsbank.mn:5500/em/cabo/images/t.gif1,711.288
      Problem Tablespaceshttps://pdb-cluster-scan.savingsbank.mn:5500/em/cabo/images/t.gif1
      Segment Advisor Recommendations257
      Policy Violationshttps://pdb-cluster-scan.savingsbank.mn:5500/em/cabo/images/t.gifhttps://pdb-cluster-scan.savingsbank.mn:5500/em/cabo/images/t.gif0

      I want to monitor tablespace usage from all database instance targets on my home page (or on a single page). Can i do that? If so, how can i accomplish it?


      Thanks in advance

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          Loc Nhan -Oracle

          Have a look at the Tablespaces page to see if the page has what you are looking for. You can go the Tablespaces page by navigating to a database homepage and selecting Administration > Storage > Tablespaces.



          - Loc

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            Starting from the cloud control 12c The Space Summary Page section was removed as the page design was changed.


            The Space Summary section was displaying the following informations like:


            a) Database Size (GB)

            b) Problem Tablespaces

            c) Segment Advisor Recommendations

            d) Space Violations

            e) Dump Area Used (%)


            Now the same informations are split in categories and can be found under the following options:


            - Performance menu->Advisor home


            - Monitoring->All metrics




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              Regarding second query on how to  monitor tablespace usage from all database instance targets you can review the below information


              These are OOB 12c reports.


              -- Oracle Database Space Usage (Group)

              [Displays space usage and tablespace full alerts for each Oracle Database in a group.]


              -- Oracle Database Tablespace Daily Space Usage

              [Displays space usage for an Oracle Database, its tablespaces and datafiles.]


              -- Oracle Database Tablespace Monthly Space Usage

              [Displays monthly space usage details for the tablespaces in an Oracle Database.]


              To create customized reports according to your requirements you have to write your own sql based on the following views.





              All the required data would be in the following.


              mgmt_metrics , mgmt_current_metrics , mgmt_targets


              Also you can explore the option of creating Report Based On A Metric Extension


              EM12c: How To Create A Custom Report Based On A Metric Extension in Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control (Doc ID 1622443.1)

              How to create a Customized Report in 12c Cloud Control for Database Alert log Errors (Doc ID 1528268.1)