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    Failed to replicate non-serializable object.


      Hi Everyone,


      Why and in which scenario do we get below kind of errors.



      <Mar 11, 2014 10:47:20 AM UTC> <Error> <Cluster> <BEA-000126> <All session objects should be serializable to replicate. Check the objects in your session. Failed to replicate non-serializable object.

      java.rmi.MarshalException: failed to marshal update(Lweblogic.cluster.replication.ROID;ILjava.io.Serializable;Ljava.lang.Object;)



      Thank you in Advance..!!

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          Suraj -Oracle


          Most of the non-serializable object issue comes because of following two reason


          1. Application code issue

          2. WLS product bug (sometime)

          Please refer following Oracle KM article to know more about troubleshooting Serialization issues.
          ==> How To Troubleshoot Serialization Problems (Doc ID 1390822.1)

          Also you can refer below KM and test JSP page which can detect serializable objects in a web application.

          ==> Session Replication Fails Due To Non-Serializable Object: JSP Test Page (Doc ID 1073386.1)

          Hope this helps.



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