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    Steps after domain migration


      After successfully getting 12c grid control installed, on windows server 2008, along with agents pushed out to all our servers, the network powers that be decided that we would migrate all our machines to a new domain. I've been scouring the internet in hopes of finding a document that could give some specific configuration changes I could make so things would work with the new domain but so far I haven't been successful in finding "that" document. As of now the error starting the service "OracleManagmentServer_EMGC_OMS1_1" gives "service terminated with service-specfic error. The system cannot find the specified file." While combing through the various config files I can see references to the old domain name but obviously I'm not going to blindly start changing config files. I need to know which ones and what process to use to change them.


      Has anyone gone through this and can you help, or point me to a related document on what specifically I need to do. I figure I'll probably have to manually delete and reinstall the agents but that's not a big deal. Having to delete and reinstall the whole enchilada would be...