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    Task flow update




      JDeveloper version:


      After I do two updates (Human Task Flow call) on my page (in a region) I get the following error:

      "The task is already modified. The task was modified before the current action could be performed. Refresh the task and perform the action again if the action is still relevant on the refreshed task."


      Can someone help me?


      I tried with:


      Patrik Varga's Blog: Problems with update() Operation in Human Task Data Controls


      But it doesn't work.


      Thank you.

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          I have the same problem.

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            I had the same problem in my last project. This is a really annoying constraint, you have to avoid combine a Outcome operation and the Update operation because some attribute blocks to save the payload again. Maybe if you can tell what is your use case, we can find the right way to apply the human task operations.



            By the way, you also can use Task Flow Refresh Outcome to execute these operations in the same "session".