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    Does Oracle 11gR2 RAC support dynamic IP?


      Does Oracle 11gR2 RAC support dyanmic IP or does it only support static IP?

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          Introduction to Oracle Clusterware

          Oracle Clusterware 11g release 2 (11.2) supports the use of dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) for the VIP addresses and the SCAN address, but not the public address.

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            For which IPs? In 11gR2, you will have the following:


            public host name

            private host IP

            Listener VIP

            SCAN VIP


            Your private host names should not be dynamic IPs because no one should ever use them. The interconnect will use them though. Keep these static to save yourself any headaches.

            Similarly, the public host name shouldnt be accessed by anyone other than the IT staff who need to do work on the server.


            Applications should be using either the Listener VIPs or SCAN VIPs. I suppose these can be dynamic IPs. However, with today's network systems there is little need to do so. We use DHCP for all of our IP addresses, but then we bind the lease registration so that DHCP always returns the same IP address. Forgive me, but I can't remember the network term for this.



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              what do you mean with dynamic or static Ip ?


              Rac 11gR2 use SCAN IPs, Virtual Ips, Public Ips and Private IPs.


              For Example for two node rac:

              3 IPs Scan  -> One single name with round robin in DNS

              2 IPs Virtual -> Two names

              2 IPs Public  -> Two names

              2 IPs Private -> Two names


              Those IPs never Change and each IP has a different function.


              Aplications and clients never use IPs, instead use the Scan name.


              I hope this help you