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    Importing .OVA into Oracle VM 2.2




        I am trying to setup an internal testing machine and trying to use some template created to VirtualBox I believe into Oracle VM 2.2. the server and manager are on the same physical server and would like if possible stay at this release and not upgrade to Latest Oracle VM.


      I saw some instruction to do this with release 3 but is there a way with release 2






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          OVA is only supported since Release 3, so there is no direct way of doing so in 2.2.


          A workaround might be:


          install OVM 3 somewhere, import it there, take the apropriate virtual disk images, convert them if needed (there are utilities to out there to convert about every virtual disk format to every other, you just have to find the right one for you) and then create a new vm in your 2.2 with that disk image.


          Hope this help