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    Integrating NetIQ Access Manager with APEX

    Joe R





      I've been tasked with integrating APEX with NetIQ Access Manager for SSO.


      I'm being told by the Lead Systems Engineer that the proxy configuration is in place and that it's doing a custom header injection of the user's ID and that the APEX application needs to be configured to look at the header.

      I have absolutely no experience with this and have no idea what to do from the APEX side.


      I've searched the forum and Google and didn't see anything regarding this.


      Can someone help?




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          Joe R



          I created an Authentication Scheme with a Scheme Type of: HTTP Header Variable

          In the Settings Region:

          HTTP Header Variable Name given by the Systems Engineer. Does the casing matter like in Javascript? Does the Header Variable have to match if it's all caps on the server or mixed case or it doesn't matter?

          Action if Username is empty: Display Error


          Everything else is left to the defaults. Is there anything else that needs to be done on the APEX side?