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    SQLDEVELOPER 4.1 and SQL file type associations in Win7


      Have set the SQL file type association to the sqldeveloper.exe


      When I double click on a sql file all I get is a timer for a few seconds then nothing!!


      Does a change of file association need a reboot? surely not!

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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          I think you mean SQL Developer 4.0.1.  Anyway, there have been issues reported in this area.  See the following:

          sqldeveloper64W.exe has stopped working


          Since I constantly switch between versions of SQL Developer, I tend to leave sql files associated with my favorite text editor.  However, I did a quick test, associating the sql file extension (in 4.0.1) with either




          and it seemed to work fine.  By the way, rather than setting the association in one of the ways mentioned in the referenced discussion, I just right-click on the sql file, then select Open with > Choose default program.



          SQL Developer Team