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    Agent metric collection error (Peer not authenticated)?!


      So let me start by giving a brief introduction on my setup.  I have a two OMS system (active/active) behind an F5.  I am using the OEM "Add Host Target" feature to deploy an agent to an external server which will upload via the F5.  Using oracle RSA credentials, I was able to get the agent deployed and secured.  However, when this happened, the agent did not discover its internal targets at all.  It is running and says it is in a good state and will even upload successfully, however in the OEM console, it shows a Metric Error and complains about the agent never uploading to the repository when I try a resynchronization.  There was nothing obvious in the log files.  The status shows the Agent URL as "https://server1.com:3872/emd/main" and the Repository URL shows as https://F5address.com:4900/empbs/upload.  These appear to be correct.  Everything else appears normal.  There is 0 files pending upload and 0 files uploaded, basically because the targets.xml file is empty aside from the agent GUID.  When I try a wget on the Agent URL...it fails with a CA Certificate error.  When I pass --no-check-certificates to it, it succeeds but still complains about not being able to verify server1.com's certificate issued by 'O=EnterpriseManager on oms1.com...." Yes that says oms1.com because it looks like the certificate was passed from the first oms, and not the F5.  I have no idea where to go from here...