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    How To resolve java class missing errors in oracle


      Hi To All.
                       I am running a plsql function which includes java classes.
      When i execute the function, it showing the error like 'Class catchErr does not exist'.
      Where can i found this class and how to load into oracle .

      How can we resolve this error.

      Please Help!

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            When uploading a jar into the OJVM you could add the flag -genmissing, if the classes and jars refer to classes that are not present, generate dummy versions of the missing classes.

            If the amount of dummy classes generated is too big you could localize one by one using:

          1. find first class which throw the exception class not found exception.
          2. execute using SQLPlus alter java class "com.sample.ClassWhichNotResolve" resolve
          3. load missing class and goto step 2.

          Hope this help, Marcelo.