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    Apex and Apache reverse proxy


      Hi everybody


      I'm trying to configure Apex (on a local xe) to work together with a local Apache reverse proxy server. But for some reason I can't get it to work.

      I have the following entry in my httpd- file:


      ProxyRequests off

      NameVirtualHost *:80


      <VirtualHost *:80>

         <Location />





        <Location /i>







      So whenever I surf to localhost, I will be redirected to my apex environment.

      The URL changes to localhost/apex/f?p=4550:1 ...

      However, I get a not found error message in the browser:

      The requested URL /apex/apex/f was not found on this server.

      Additionally I would like to proxy to an application in my Apex workspace instead of going to the Apex login screen.


      Any of you that can help me fix this problem?


      Thanks in advance,