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    Submit for a region (not the whole page)




      We have a page with different regions. Each region has a list of fields from a table and one button. We want that every button from each region only submits the fields of its region.


      We have tried a dynamic action, firing it when the button is clicked and associating the action of refresh the region, but it always submits the whole page. We have tried with button item and a button region.


      How can we refresh the data from a region after clicking in a submit button without refreshing the whole page?


      The version of our APEX is 4.0


      Thanks in advanced!


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          In Apex 4.2 you have the setting Action when button pressed > Defined by dynamic action. I'm not sure if that setting was already available in 4.0.


          If not try this:

          Define the button as doing a redirect to an url with as url #STATIC_REGION_ID. This redirects to the current region.

          For this to work you have to define different static id's for your regions.


          Also note that the refresh action only works for a limited set of region types.