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    Dataguard using split mirror

    Deepak Varghese



      We are implementing data guard for our production servers. The datafiles are stored in ASM.We are using split mirror technology to do the initial load.How do we handle the file name convertion in this case.

      For eg in primary and secondary the file names are

      -> +BRM_EU_DATA/dbbrm1dr/datafile/system.263.681057045

      (Since the inital load is uing split mirror the directory structure would be same in primary and standby.)

      Primary - dbbrm1pr(db_unique_name)

      Seconday - dbbrm1dr (db_unique_name)


      Can we rename the directory in ASM at standby site (+BRM_EU_DATA/dbbrm1dr/datafile/system.263.681057045) without moving the files(our dbs are quite big) and use file name convert data guard parameter ?



      Please provide your inputs.