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    InvocationTargetException in User Defined Function in Oracle CEP


      I was trying to use a UDF in my CQL query. But I got the following error:


      An InvocationTargetException was encountered while attempting to register the user defined function

      "mymod".  The message was: null


      My code snippet is bellow:



      package com.bea.wlevs.example.function;


      import com.bea.wlevs.oracle.ci.event.CiMessages;


      public class UpdateMessage  {


          public CiMessages addChannel(CiMessages cm, String channel){

              System.out.println("I am in function");



              return cm;






         <query id="filterRule"> <![CDATA[ select addChannel(*,"SMSData") from DCInputChannel[now] as dc ]]> </query>








      <wlevs:processor id="CiRuleEngine">
         <wlevs:listener ref="IntermediateChannel" />
         <wlevs:function function-name="mymod" exec-method="addCHannel">
         <bean class="com.bea.wlevs.example.function.UpdateMessage"/>



      Can any one help me to resolve this error?