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    RQLQueryRange not returning orders on jsp




      The problem is that when i am using 'RQLQueryRange' to list orders from a specific user, besides i can list the orders

      in the database and in the Dynamo interface, in the jsp page they are not listed.


      In the database i list with:


      select * from dcspp_order where

      profile_id = 'CLIxxx'

      and state != 'INCOMPLETE'

      and siteId = 'mySiteId'


      In the Dynamo interface i list with:


      <query-items item-descriptor="order">

      profileId = "CLIxxx" and

      state != "INCOMPLETE" and

      siteId = "mySiteId"



      But in the JSP they are not listed, i am  using the droplet /atg/commerce/order/OrderRepository.

      A strange thing i suspect is that besides the  orders are not shown the output 'empty' is not rendered

      either, this takes me to think that the problem may be in the pagination or something near it.


      Have anyone any idea?