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    Problems with new install 11g on OEL 6

    Hippy Steve



      I've just set up a new vbox instance of OEL on win7/64 and installed XE.  All appears well, I can connect from the guest via sqlplus.  However, if I try to connect from the host machine with sqldeveloper I get an error: ...Network adaptor could not establish a connection (I have set up port forwarding  but still no joy).

      Also if I try to access the 'home page' on the guest (OEL) box I get an error: Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at localhost:8080.


      The listener reports the following:


      Listening Endpoints Summary...



      Services Summary...

      Service "PLSExtProc" has 1 instance(s).

        Instance "PLSExtProc", status UNKNOWN, has 1 handler(s) for this service...

      The command completed successfully


      Have I missed something in the installation guide?  Anybody else gone bald with this one?





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          Have to open up the ports in the firewall for forwarding to help.


          For my work desktop policies prevent tweedling with the firewall settings, so I have to find one that is open, and forward it to 1521 for database connections, and if I want to access the apex pages, find <a different port#> to forward to 8080.


          Which also means for my setup a remote client that wants to connect has to know the correct opened up/forwarded port number(s).


          And for the web pages to work the http port 8080 entry must also be showing up in the lsnrctl status ... Endpoints... section. Until a lsnrctl status shows that third endpoint, the web pages will not be accessible.


          So looks like you have at least two challenges to solve to get it working, one way to check if a port is blocked is use a command line telnet <port#> from the remote client and either you'll get an immediate connect refused if its the firewall, or if the port is open, and you do get to the correct port for the database listener, it will appear telnet is hung. A <ctrl>c is the only way out of that one or a reboot could work too (like hunting rabbits with a cannon)


          To get the http...port 8080 endpoint working try stopping the listener, and in the listener.ora and set the HOST= section to your IP address.


          Or just completely move listener.ora out of the way- e.g. rename the file to listener.ora.bk that will usually work as well by using all the defaults.


          One thing about changing a listener setup, always stop the listener before making changes. If you make the change and then try to stop the listner you'll be barking up the wrong tree when trying to talk to the listener.

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            Hippy Steve

            Hi, thanks for the response!


            I didn't mention that I had opened the ports already but still it was good to do teh telnet checks, etc.

            Turns out that the problem seemed to be related to the lack of entry in the guest hosts file...  all now appears to be working!

            Thanks for your help