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    Reg : iSupplier Portal : On Time Performance

    Balamurugan Packirisamy

      Hello Experts,


      Can you help us by letting us know the logic behid On-Time Performance (On-Time,Early and Late)?.


      Note : In Receiving Options , we have setup 5 days for "Receipts Days Early and 5 Days for "Receipt Days Late". I entered a PO with Need By date as 20-JUN-2014 and i recieved the PO fully. In iSupplier Portal i'm seeing this receipt as On-Time receipt instead of Early.


      Thanks and Regards,


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          Dear Bala,


          The On Time performance does not consider the tolerances mentioned in the receiving options.

          The calculation is as below:


          If (Receipt Date) < Need By Date - Early

          If (Receipt Date) = Need By Date - On Time

          If (Receipt Date) > Need By Date - Late.


          When I was working with Oracle, there was a bug I remember logging which restricted the calculation to "Dates" only. Prior to this bug, even time was considered as a factor.

          I am not aware, if any changes to this logic is done in 12.1.3 to include the tolerances, my information dates back to R 12.0.4.


          Hope this helps.