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    how to block .exe file when uploading


      Hi all,


      I'm working in iRecruitment external site. here standard oracle resume upload allows .exe file if it renames to any other valid extensions like .txt, .doc or .docx.


      I want to know is it anyway to block exe files even when renamed by controller extension.


      EBS version:  12.1.3


      Thanks in Advance,


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          Any suggestions please.

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            Hi Sandeep,


            I too got the same requirement in irec

            There is no profile option to set the upload file types..but you can send an error on top of the page. when user upload files with .exe


            CO :-


            PFR :-

            public void upLoadFile(OAPageContext pageContext,OAWebBean webBean)


            String filePath = "D:\path";

            System.out.println("Default File Path---->"+filePath);


            String fileUrl = null;



              DataObject fileUploadData =  pageContext.getNamedDataObject("MessageFileUpload");


            //FileUploading is my MessageFileUpload Bean Id



               String uFileName = (String)fileUploadData.selectValue(null, "UPLOAD_FILE_NAME");


            check if the file name is having .exe using substr function..then throw error if you find anything...

            let me know if any issues




            Goutham Ippili.

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              Hi Goutham,


              checking file extension is working fine in standard itself. But my requirement is to block after renaming .exe to .doc manually.


              Any suggestion for EBS R12.1.3. This is working in ADF since it supports java 7.