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    Problem after 10g to 11g conversion with ACCESS app ODBC connection.

    Shellie Bricker

      We have recently upgraded one of our Oracle Databases from to  We used Data Pump export from 10g database and Data Pump import to the new 11g database.  Everything went fine.  We have several users who use an Access database with an ODBC connection to our Oracle database.  We have installed the 11g client on their pcs and setup the tnsnames file to point to the new 11g database.  We have a read-only account setup that everyone uses to logon to the Oracle11g database thru the Access application.  We have one user that is getting an error, even though that machine was setup just like everyone elses.  She is getting a odbc error, that the account is locked.  I had the read-only account on our 10g database locked, so everyone would be forced to use the 11g database, because we couldn't totally shutdown the 10g database.  We have searched her c:\ drive and can only find 1 tnsnames file and it is pointed to the new 11g database.  However when we unlock the read-only account on 10g database, her Access application works just fine.  It is like she is still pointed to the 10g database, but we can't find any link to it.  This user also can logon to a different pc that the ODBC connection to 11g server is working with the Access app and it doesn't work with them logged on.  Any help would be appreciated!!