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    HFM Dimension Order - for query, calc optimization

    Tuco Ramirez

      Hi - is there any rule of thumb for deploying dimensions in HFM like Essbase - i.e. hour glass method, lollipop on a stick method?  I am not as deep with HFM dimension building as I am with Essbase.  Any pointers would be helpful and I will be sure to flag as such for you.  I am using EPMA - it is easier to organize dimensions there as opposed to the olden days.


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          The consolidation in HFM is driven by the Value dimension. So, your consolidation timings largely depend on the business rules - that is, how you control the rules to run at specific intersections of the Value Dimension.


          Having said that, there are a couple of settings you need to be aware of like OrgByPeriod and ConsolidationRules in the Application settings as they can impact the consolidation timings.


          Apart from that, there is no rule to deploy dimensions in HFM. Just remember to add the security class information before loading metadata.


          For EPMA, you need to add the members in SecurityClass Dimension again before going to teh other dimensions. I normally follow the SecurityClass,Alias,Currency, C1-c4 before going to the Entity and Accounts. It helps me with Dimension Associations.




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            Just wondering, has anyone explored the impact of using additional customs on consolidation times?  With you can add more then just the 4 customs so I'm wondering what type of performance impacts that could cause, and if there are any design considerations using those options.  I know from a DB size that small, medium, large can make some changes, but I'm thinking more in consolidation time and/or grid retrieval if that can be an issue.




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              Thanos A.

              Hi JTF,


              I have not tested performance yet but regarding design considerations there are a lot of rules that has to be changed....