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    Deploying ADF application to the cloud


      I had been deploying a simple adf application to the cloud trying to get simple basic authentication working with cloud based roles.  Yesterday I made a change and the application failed to deploy, and despite reverting changes I still am unable to deploy.


      I have since created new ADF applications, and cannot get them to deploy in the cloud either, while they do deploy on my local wls instance.  The error in the service log is


      User defined listener com.sun.faces.config.ConfigureListener failed: java.lang.InternalError: oracle/adfinternal/controller/resource/AdfcMessagesArb.<clinit>()V.


      Googling on the error shows it to be an issue with versions, or a corruption of a jar file.  I did get a similar error deploying to my local when I forgot to add the library-ref for jsf 1.2 to my weblogic.xml.


      Jdev version is, java cloud service version is 13.1.


      Is there any way to get more logging that what is returned by the cloud sdk client for the service log?

      I'm going to try a reinstall of jdev.  Any other suggestions?