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    Cursor issue still exists in editor after upgrade to new site


      Hello all,


      I'm sorry if my question makes no sense, but this is a topic I created when the site was first upgraded and I had this horrible issue where randomly the cursor would go to the previous line(which happened as I was composing this).




      Hi, how are you?  ne thank you(Note this actually split like this while trying to make an example).


      I am doing Fi



      It is EXTREMELY annoying to see this happening every time I'm trying to compose a post


      > donn't think that (yup happened again, skipped 2 lines so check out the post below).


      I am using Windows 7 64-bit and Google Chrome.


      Please let me know what's going on with this...?  Last time I made this topic I was told the issue was resolved but I(Line cut off here).  I was told the issue was resolved, but as you can see... NOPE... I also was away from using this forum as I went to JMonkeyEngine for 3D so i didn;'t get to follow up with my reply, and my previous topic isn't in "Communications" anymore.


      All the best,