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    P6 Schema Database Table for the Resource Assignments View Spread Period Data


      I have to fetch the "Resource Assignments" data from primavera. Can anyone give me a clue, where this data is stored in the primavera database tables.


      Actually, all the activities are stored in TASK table.

      The resource assignments (Resources tab in the "Activities" screen) for the activities are stored in TASKRSRC table.

      When you see that in "Resource Assignments" screen, the same data is populated in day wise/weekly/monthly based on the timescale.


      Now, I have to read the day-wise data spread in the "Resource Assignments" screen.

      Please someone help me, "In which table this data is stored in the primavera database".


      I am currently working in an integration project where I have to retrieve the data from Resource Assignments screen and integrate it with an ERP system.