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    mod_wl sources available? (or mod_wl_24.so not compiled with libCstd?)




      we encounter a problem of binary incompatibility between mod_wl_24.so and another apache module:

      when they are both loaded apache crashes with a segmentation fault. We tracked it to the fact

      that mod_wl_24.so is compiled with the library libCstd and the other module with libstlport.so.


      Eg. for the module for WebLogic Web Server Plugins 12.1.2 for 64bit sparc downloaded from

      Oracle WebLogic Server Web Server Plugins

      ldd WLSPlugin12c-64bit-Apache2.2-Apache2.4-solaris-sparc/lib/mod_wl_24.so  | grep libCstd

              libCstd.so.1 =>  /usr/lib/sparcv9/libCstd.so.1


      And as mentioned in this documentation, libCstd.so and libstlport.so are binary incompatible:

      12.3 STLport - Oracle Solaris Studio 12.2: C++ User's Guide


      The other apache module cannot be compiled with libCstd because this library is notoriously deficient

      wrt C++ standards and in particular does not support standard C++ constructs used in packages such as BOOST

      (used by the other apache module):

      Boost doesn't build on solaris when compiled with libCstd


      Differnce between LibCstd and LibStlport

      SourceForge.net: SFE C++ libraries revisited - pkgbuild



      - is there a version of mod_wl_24.so not compiled with libCstd e.g. compiled with libstlport.so or libstdcxx.so (Apache C++ Standard Library)?


      - are the sources of mod_wl available so we could compile them ourselves?


      Thanks in advance for your answers and comments!