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    f_CheckAll not firing onClick event

    Scott Wesley

      Hi all,


      I've defined a checkbox in the header of my tabular form to toggle all the row checkboxes using $f_CheckAll


      This works great, but today I happened to couple it with the technique that adds checkbox selections into a collection, in short:

      apex_item.checkbox(1, empno, 'onclick="f_UpdateCollection(this)"')


      The trouble I have is that the f_CheckAll() function toggles my checkboxes, but does not fire the onclick event, hence putting the checkboxes in the collection.


      I'm thinking either a bolt-on to rectify this issue, or another solution for f_CheckAll()

      I wonder if this solution might be adaptable to this scenario?

      Check all checkboxes in a column of a tabular form


      Any tips?





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          Hi Scott,


          Have you tried binding an onClick function to the header checkbox? Something in the line of:

          $('input[name="f01"]').each( f_UpdateCollection(this) );





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            Scott Wesley

            Thanks Vincent - that was just the lead I needed.


            I'm still wrapping my head around jQuery and how it can be so elegant.


            I pass if my header check is checked



            to my own check all fn, which toggles the UI elements then invokes the update collection function

            function my_checkall(b) {


            Trouble is this is quite laggy, particularly on a tablet over Australia's 4G network - so I might need to redesign anyway and capture which boxes are checked when I close the dialog they're in.


            At least I learnt a few things.

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              Hi Scott,


              Great, nice solution. In my experience updating large numbers of collection members can be time consuming. So I suspect the lag is caused by the f_UpdateCollection function, rather than your my_checkall function.





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                Scott Wesley

                I don't think there is a bottleneck as such - it's more like the old Forms post-query problem - frequent switches back and forth from the browser to the server to indicate x many checkboxes now checked.


                Anyway, I've modified it to run some jQuery when closing my dialog to build a delimited string of those checked and send that once to a PL/SQL process, which can then bulk bind an array to the collections table using apex_collection.add_members.


                It works great.

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                  Tom Petrus

                  For those interested, another one-size-fit-all solution may be to not concatenate values as such, and instead use the f## arrays to process one or more rows. As we're talking checkboxes, I'd use array f01 to store an id, and f02 to store the checked/unchecked value.

                  Assuming f10 is the checkbox array, and the value of the checkbox is also the pk value.


                  //collect the checkbox values, store in arrays, and send to server
                  //the input parameter is meant to take a node or selector in, over which will be looped
                  function processCheckboxes(pNd){
                    var arrf01 = [], arrf02 = [];
                    $( pNd ).each(function(){
                      arrf01.push( $(this).val() );
                      arrf02.push( $(this).prop("checked") ? 1 : 0 );
                    apex.server.process("UPDATE_COLLECTION", {f01: arrf01, f02: arrf02}, {});
                  //handle click on each individual checkbox
                  $(document).on("click", "input[name=f10]", function(){
                  //handle header element click
                  $(document).on("click", '#P1_HEADER_CHK', function(){
                    var chkboxes = "input[name=f10]";
                    $(chkboxes).prop("checked", $(this).prop("checked"));


                  in UPDATE_COLLECTION you can then transparently handle the arrays, regardless of how many have been sent.

                  FOR i IN 1..apex_application.g_f01.count
                    --update collection where ID = f01(i) with f02(i) (0 or 1 for example)
                  END LOOP;


                  Just throwing that out there.

                  Also, I hate onclick attributes :-).

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