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    Oracle Home damage on Rac


      Hi Experts


      Please I need you help with this issue:


      Oracle Rac Two Nodes

      Node 1  --> DB_A1(Rac DB) , DB_B (Single)

      Node 2  --> DB_A2 (Rac DB) , DB_C (Single)


      We had a hardware problem with the SAN, after the servers reboot, I found that the Node two has problems with the databases,this server had a problem to startup because a problem on the U01 FIlesystem, after looking for the problem somehow the problem seems to be on the DB Oracle_Home


      I want to copy the DB ORACLE_HOME from Node 1 to the Node 2.


      Is this a viable Procedure ?

      have some one done this procedure ?


      I haven't done this before , please if you have a guide or tutorial it would be useful.


      My experience: I have only copied and Oracle_Home on the same Server from RAC to Single, Also copy an Oracle_home from One Server to other  (Single Instance)


      Thank you in advance