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    Apex 4.2 LDAP authentication - locked out user




      I have successfully implemented the LDAP authentication in APEX 4.2. I am now trying to extend the functionality by using the policy that users are locked after trying to login x times.


      This is correctly used in my LDAP server, a user can not login after trying (atm) 3 times. The problem is that APEX displays this as a failed login instead of a message that the user is locked, so the user has no way of knowing why he can't login.

      How can this be displayed accordingly?



      The DBMS_LDAP.simple_bind_s doesn't indicate the reason why the login failed, so I checked out the DBMS_LDAP_UTIL package because this gives more return values. Is this the way to go by adding a procedure checking if the user is locked out, or is there another way?


      I can't get the DBMS_LDAP_UTIL.authenticate to work though. I copied the existe_user function mentioned here: Handle the LDAP with the DBMS_LDAP package - Francois Degrelle's blog

      Running this says my Authentication failed, although I do use the correct user and password.


      Any ideas to help me out? Thanks in advance!