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    CSS in APEX 4.2


      I have over 300 pages created in apex 4.0.  Most pages have display items in which the session state was set to "yes" so that CSS properties would work.  They (font color, weight, size, etc) would not work if the session state (under the settings tab) was set to "no."  Now in version 4.2, I cannot create or change a record if the session state of a display item is set to "yes."  I get this error:  "ErrorSession state protection violation: This may be caused by manual alteration of protected page item P80_TRNAM."


      Before I go through every page in the application and change all the display items to session state equal "yes," I would like to know if there is an easier way to solve the problem.  I would also like to continue using the CSS, which makes the page more attractive.


      Please help.

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          Doug, I would be surprised if you get this error for ALL your items. 

          Here's one common way you get this error:  When Session State is set to Yes for a Display Only Item, if you change the value (with javascript for example) and try to submit the page you'll get the error.

          Here's why, lets say you have your Bank Account Number as display only when you're making a money transfer.  If it's not protected you could use the inspector on the browser to change the account number and make the transfer to a different account.  (Of course you would ideally have a validation to make sure this type of hack doesn't happen)  Hopefully you get the idea.


          So, how are you setting the values of these display items?  Are you changing their values AFTER the page is loaded (with for example a Dynamic Action)?