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    Oracle Command Line E Mail - Body ***


      Dear All,


      I am generating oracle report through command line and email the report. I need to know how to add body content for this email.

      Following command generate PDF file with password and mail it to the relevant e mail address.Your support highly appreciated at this moment.


      host('rwclient server=ReportsServer_hawaii_a report=test.rdf userid=sms/sms987@test1 desformat=pdf DESTYPE=mail DESNAME="xmammayyy@gmail.com" SUBJECT="Monthly Data" PDFUSER="passme" P_Client_ID="'||I.CLIENT_ID||'" YEAR_MONTH="JAN-2012" replyto="XMAMMAYY@gmail.com" from="e-statement@ABCdemo.lk"');


      Above command loop inside a cursor(I) and this code work without any issue.


      Thank You.