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    Toolbars are not visible in P6 8.3



      I have lost all toolbars including main menu in P6 8.3.

      I have no any toolbar to right click and customize.

      How i can bring it back?



      Best regards,

      José Machado

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          To fix this you are going to need to click the 'Reset All Toolbars' button in the View dropdown menu.

          If the menu's as well as the toolbars are missing then you can use the keyboard to do this by pressing Alt+V (this opens the View menu) and press down 27 times (this takes the selection to 'Reset All Toolbars') and press Enter to run the Reset.





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            Wang Xin - Oracle

            Hi José Machado,

            Did you try Alex's suggested solution? Have you got the all menus back?


            If pressing Alt+V and press down 27 times is little bit for you to preform, you can just reset the user preference (Run script in database). As this issue may also relates to corrupted user preference.


            Please let us know the result




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              Wang Xin, thank you for your reply.

              I've tried Alex's suggested solution but it did not worked out (when I press "alt+v" the operating system returns the typical "alert sound"... after press down 27 times and the return key, to "reset the toolbars", it doesn't solve).

              I'm sorry but I don't know who to reset the user preferences that you suggested. Can you explain better how can I do it? I have only user experience and not admin experience.


              Many thanks,

              José Machado

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                Wang Xin - Oracle

                Hi Jose Machado,

                Alex's approach is the correct, but sometime it is tricky to get it work. so reset user preference is the alternative way which I used to do.

                I think you need to ask someone who has database knowledge to do it for you.

                If you don't have a Database administrator, I would like suggest you to open a ticket to Oracle Primavera Support, they will provide help no this issue.


                Below is the detail step to reset user preference:

                #1. Backup your database ( Because we are going to run some update query)


                For Oracle:
                Log into the instance using SQLPlus or equivalent with the administrative user for the schema (e.g. "admuser")

                For SQL Server:
                Launch SQL Server Management Studio and login with SQL Authentication as PRIVUSER


                Delete the user preferences by running the following Update Statement:

                Update userdata set user_data = null where topic_name = 'pm_settings' and user_id in (select user_id from users where user_name = '<username>');

                where <username> is the user's login id for Project Management
                Note:  If using Oracle run the following statement after the update:  commit;


                Launch the P6 with the same user in Step3