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    Mobile Server: BSSV & ADF Server Login Url?




      Brace yourself for a really stupid question that eludes me and all the documentation I've sifted through!


      I've been installing EnterpriseOne through the provided linux templates and got the database, Enterprise, Web and deployment server running correctly, however I am stuck logging into the Mobile Server due to none of my links in the documentation matching upto reality.


      Things I've done
      -Started The mobile Server
           -Started Node Manager
           -Started BSSV weblogic server (port 8001)
                     -Started Bssv Server and can get a 404 screen on http://myip:8005/
           -Started ADF Weblogic server (port 7001)
                      -Started Bssv Server and can get a 404 screen on http://myip:7005/


      Would anyone happen to have to the link to login screen by any chance?


      Secondly, when I try to start up the Weblogic server for the I am prompted for a user which to run it under through linux. I've tried the usual suspects oracle, root, jde910, weblogic, JDE, jde_admin however they all say invalid and do not start the service.


      Thank you,