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    Added disk to ASM before scanning on all nodes, now its a dupe; 10g


      ASM on 10g on RHEL.

      Adding 2 disks to existing diskgroup, but forgot to 'scandisk' on all nodes first, so attempt failed:

      alter diskgroup FSDMODB add disk 'ORCL:FSDMODB3'

      ERROR at line 1:

      ORA-15032: not all alterations performed

      ORA-15075: disk(s) are not visible cluster-wide

      Did oracleasm scandisks on all nodes, but now add attempts return:

      ORA-15020: discovered duplicate ASM disk "FSDMODB3"


      and  SELECT name, header_status, path FROM V$ASM_DISK; returns


      NAME                       HEADER_STATU PATH
                                 MEMBER   ORCL:FSDMODB3
      FSDMODB1                   MEMBER   ORCL:FSDMODB1
      FSDMODB2                   MEMBER   ORCL:FSDMODB2


      'drop disk' tells me it does not exist in the diskgroup.

      How do I make disk FSDMODB3 part of diskgroup FSDMODB?