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    Running registerMetadataDBRepository from WLST fails with an error


      In order to deploy my WebCenter Portal application to a standalone Weblogic server I "must first register the new MDS schema with the domain so that applications running on the Managed Server can access it".


      According to the documentation (Deploying WebCenter Applications) there are two ways: via the EM and via the registerMetadataDBRepository command. As I have not installed the EM yet, so I'd prefer the latter. Unfortunately, when I use WLST and connect to the server, the command ends with an error:


      wls:/default_domain/serverConfig> registerMetadataDBRepository(name='mds1', dbVendor='ORACLE', host='localhost', port='1521', dbName='webcenter', user='DEV_MDS', password='welcome1', targetServers='AdminServer')

      Traceback (innermost last):

        File "<console>", line 1, in ?

      NameError: registerMetadataDBRepository


      (the database 11.2 is up, the user DEV_MDS/welcome1 has created the scheme via RCU and can connect to the database via sqlplus)


      Also, the command help('registerMetadataDBReposity') returns: No help for registerMetadataDBReposity found. Is there anything I have not done to be able to run the command? Please, advise.