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    Apex page item show as Graph


      using Apex 4.2


      Hello team,


      I have a report as follows for example,

      select id, ename, max_weight,tot_weight,
                           round((tot_weight/max_weight)*100.0), 100),
                           100 -- width
                           )    progress
      from table1


      It does work fine but my requirement is how can I show page item as graph like report item.


      for example. i have a page 10 and items are

      P10_ID (Display_only), P10_Ename (Display_only), P10_max_weight (Display_only), P10_tot_weight (number)
      and P10_Weight_Progress (Display as Graph) as report item. So P10_weight_progress will show how much weight can be put more
      according to max_weight. Off course there will be a validation for weight that can not be more than max weight.


      Any help Please?

      Thanks a lot!