rman tape and disk backup




    we backup database online to tape with rman(with catalogue) and on monday and wednesday it is full level 0 backup, on the other days it is cumulative incremental level 1 backup.


    we want to backup to disk  and copy it to another location for redundancy. It will be full compressed online backup.


    but we can' tell how  it will effect rman tape backups and should we use rman catalogue etc?


    we are planning to do disk backup on sundays before rman full tape backup.


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        DISK and TAPE are 2 separate backups, you can take a DISK backup without affecting TAPE at all or vice versa.


        Just allocate only disk channels in run block with format where you want to take the backup and run the backup from there, it shouldn't affect tape backups at all.




        Daljit Singh

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          Hemant K Chitale

          You can run separate backups to Disk and Tape. However, the REDUNDANCY policy applies to the combination of backups, not to each target location separately.  Therefore, you may find backups being marked obsolete.


          Hemant K Chitale

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            recovery catalog is recommended.If the target database controlfiles are lost recovery can become difficult if not impossible.Having recovery catalog makes the restore/recovery easier at the time of critical scenario. Even for larger system the use of a recovery catalog can increase the backup performance.