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    Trying to figure out APEX_ITEM.CHECKBOX2


      Since yesterday I am trying to figure out checkboxes in APEX, which should be simple, however I have failed to make even the simplest scenario work.

      Here is what I did so you can tell me what I did wrong.

      I have three tables:


          create table semester(
            id number not null,
            name varchar2(30) not null,
            primary key(id)
          create table subject(
            id number not null,
            name varchar2(30) not null,
            primary key(id)
          create table semester_subject(
            id number not null,
            semester_id number not null,
            subject_id number not null,
            primary key(id),
            foreign key(semester_id) references semester(id),
            foreign key(subject_id) references subject(id),
            constraint semester_subject_uq unique(semester_id, subject_id)


      I have created in apex a region with one select list with the following list of values:


          select name d, id r
          from semester
          order by 1


      and one report with the following query


            apex_item.checkbox2(10, id, 'UNCHECKED') "id",
            subject "Subject"
          from subject;


      Also I have one button to submit the page.

      What I want is to insert the ids of the subjects with the ticked checkboxes, in the semester_subject table, together with the id of the semester selected from the select list.


      So I made this on submit process:


            v_subject_id subject.id%type;
            v_semester_id semester.id%type;
            v_semester_id := :PX_SEMESTER;
              v_subject_id := APEX_APPLICATION.G_F10(i);
              insert into semester_subject(semester_id, subject_id)
                values(v_semester_id, v_subject_id); --I have a sequence and a trigger for the id
            END LOOP;


      On my VPS when I submit the page I get 404 error "The requested URL /apex/wwv_flow.accept was not found on this server".

      So I created a workspace on apex.oracle.com, there the page reloads and I get the success message from the process, but when I check the table semester subject, the data isn't inserted.


      Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance for your help.