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    11g Standby Database  - No Enterprise Manager - So What about the jobs?




      So I've implanted data guard for our 11g production database.  I used SQL method.   No broker, no cloud or grid control.


      The data is synchronized with our production database.   But - If I ever had to failover to the standby database, there is no enterprise manager to administer it.  I have several jobs scheduled in our production database. (Those jobs involve executing stored procedures, SQL, etc.)  Obviously those jobs would not run if we were using the standby database, as there is no EM for it.


      Add to this the fact that the company from which we license Oracle from (We are a college) does not yet support 12c.  If I ran 12c , we are on our own until they do, if there are any issues.


      So, if I ever have to use our standby database, what about the jobs that aren't running? I know I could manually run them, or I could maybe get them to run with Windows Batch files calling SQL Scripts, etc.  Basically reproducing the EM jobs with Windows bat files.  (I'm already backing up the standby database doing this).


      What is the proper way to go about this? Install 12c cloud control on a server, and then administer my standby database with it? I assume a 12c cloud control can administer an 11g database?   For those that have done this, did you install the 12c cloud control server on its own server?


      We are running our server on Windows 2008 R2. 


      Any input is appreciated.