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        The "search tips" for 6.0.2 have changed dropping "escape" feature  :


        "Special Characters and Words

        The following characters and operator words are treated specially in the search syntax (separated by a single space): * ( ) " AND OR NOT

        You can't search for these characters and operators, because we use them for special search syntax. If you use them in search text in a way that doesn't make sense, the search engine may ignore them. For example, an odd number of quote characters will be ignored, and multiple asterisks next to each other will be interpreted as a single wildcard."



        From a different angle, I mentioned the problem we see searching for & to a colleague and his reply was "they probably did not index &".


        At this point, I'm guessing Oracle did not build indexes that will support the documentation.


        I'm contemplating making a recommendation that the "Communities" indexes are updated to support the technical syntax appropriate to the technologies the various Communities are expected to support.


        Thanks for checking the sites running other versions of Jive.  I realized a couple of weeks ago that I needed to compare other sites but did not know how to determine (guess?) at the Jive version.  I now see that some of the scripts seem to include the version number in their path.


        Thanks, have a good day,


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          Interesting, how does the software determine what search term makes sense, in particular in a technical forum, with technical search terms.


          The search function was one of the highlights for the last major upgrade, which even delayed the upgrade plan because there where problems with it. Well, I guess I will be toying with Google for searching the forums again, although it does not really perform much better.


          I think what the Oracle community needs is something similar to Google Code Search.

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            The question is what Oracle is trying to accomplish with the poll. To me, the wording and circumstance rather suggests that Oracle wants to advertise the great search facility and is not really asking for any criticism.


            I think the the Rules of Conduct outlined on MOSC emphasize that criticism is not really wanted. I'm not a native English speaker so I had to look-up what "disparaging" means. According to the information I found, saying "you never do anything right", for instance, is a classic example of a disparaging remark.


            Nevertheless, I added my following 2 cent: With all the MOSC and OTN community merge in mind I think the search from the MOSC home page should work the same way as the search from the OTN home page and not restrict the search to the MOSC forum space only. Or at least outline the current search behavior.


            Generally speaking, I think the search is great and has much improved considering that searching on OTN did not work before, however I wish the search feature would rather be a link that opens the advanced search right away. The current logic behind the search facility to match close words, such as "type" and "typing", makes it generally necessary to limit searches to a particular forum space when searching for technical information.

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              Dude! wrote:


              Checking the page source, the Apple discussion board seems to be based on Jive 4.5.6. I also check the Jive Community, which is apparently on 6.0.2, with the same issues as the Oracle community using 5.0.5. The editor issues are the same all version. I wonder what Jive 7 will fix or when the upgrade will happen.

              Looks like jivesoftware is making the move to 7 this weekend:





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                The blog says:

                ...endorse co-workers for their expertise...

                This makes me lol, as on LinkedIn this functionality is implemented to be one of the most silly and misleading features in social media.  People endorse others for skills they don't have, apparently to suck up to them in an effort to increase their own skills ratings. https://community.linkedin.com/questions/16624/why-am-i-being-endorsed-for-skills-and-expertise-i.html is just one example among many you can find by googling terms like linkedin skill rating stupid.

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