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        Could it be that supporting those who come here by mistake or breaking the rules is more important than it is actually helping the poster? What good does it do to the poster to lock a thread and repeat what they most likely already know or did not understand, namely not to post a product related question here?!


        Perhaps the locking of posts can set an example for anyone else, but if someone is silly enough not to understand the purpose of this forum, disregard the forum topic and disobey the request not to post PRQ's here, why should they read any of the forum posts? And actually, knowing that these posts will be alive for 24 hours may be tempting enough.


        I think the personal consequences of simply deleting PRQ's and the positive outcome of social education is highly exaggerated and rather idealistic, but not realistic. However, my suggestion was not to spoil any fun, but to address such issues only when it seems necessary in order to limit the visibility of such posts.


        I appreciate your dealing with the site administrator. And regardless of having a debate, and I hope I can mention that without sounding arrogant, I think your tasks are very important and carried out very well. The general issue of removing posts I guess is more complex to be discussed and I would rather not want to do that. A question for the site administrator might be why the forum software cannot assist in better handling moderator or management actions and automatically informing posters or the forum space.


        Sometimes the only thing one sees when opening the forum are these locked PRQ and delete spammer notifications. What about the interests of those, like me, who do not want to be bothered with these kind of posts? I think the Feedback and Suggestion forum has more important functions than handling spam and product related questions. What course of action would you suggest if the number of PRQ's and "delete spammer" notifications increase? Should I still bother to post feedback and suggestion here?

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          I really can't see the problem. When I go to this space (usually at least once a day) and open a "PRQ", then it is marked as read and that's it. Since it is usually quickly locked by the moderators (before I open it), it will be still marked as read the next time when I visit. In the rare cases where it is locked after my visit and therefore not marked as read, then I can usually remember that I already opend a thread like "Slow subsequent database connection".



          Take it easy, to much bothering is bad for your health :-)

          When my house became pink within 2 years after getting a new paint I might have sued the company - with the effect that I get a lot of paperwork, an unhappy contractor ... Instead I met the contractor, drank a beer or two and next time he will use another brand. And my daughter is happy to live in a pink house. A solution everyone can live with.

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            I went on a beach vacation several years ago, in dire need of a pair of trunks, only to realize that the only color left was a shiny bright pink. Well, obviously no undies are worn as hot as they look. Anyway, I understand and appreciate what you are saying.



            It's not that the PRQ's really bother me though, like I mentioned. If the forum bothers me, I will find another hobby. I just made a suggestion and it ended up in a debate as usual. But that's a-ok, because I don't mind to gain experience from arguing. It also helps to improve my language skills. People simply have different opinions and defend their views. I think it's important not to react personal or discriminating, which is not a problem here, but unfortunately not necessarily in real life.

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              At least I have not heard anyone talk about "the guy from the pink house" :-) Not that I would care a lot.


              I appreciate your task to find bugs and workarounds in this forum and especially that you take the time to explain them to us! Therefore it would be a pity if you leave the forum because of the way PRQ's are handled.

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                No, its business as usual. I will have to study for my 12c upgrade exam though.

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