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    Couple of Questions with respect to Oracle Cloud service


      Hi All,

      I am new to Oracle Cloud and wanted to explore our-self in Oracle Cloud. We have successfully

      deployed sample ADF applications to Oracle Cloud also REST based webservice.  But in order to deploy Our ADF Application, I have following Questions?


      1. Can we configure our active directory connecn on cloud (if AD is outside firewall)
      2. Can I connect to UCM server using RIDC apis on cloud?
      3. Email?
      4. is there way to run Scheduling jobs?
      5. Can we connect to other database using jndi connections? If yes, where should I create jndi connection?
      6. Can we expose ADF-BC as SOAP and deploy on cloud?

         7. Can we deploy java SOAP webservice?

      I am going through this official document in order to find ans for my queries "1 Getting Started with Oracle Java Cloud Service (Release 13.2) "

      But if some one already explored on the above topics can please guide me the way to achieve above tasks.


      If you would point some links or documents that explains how to address the above queries then that would be great!