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    run tests via OATS agent




      I decided to run my tests via OATS agent (before I run on OTM).


      So I added such lines in batch file:


      C:/OracleATS/agent/runScript.bat C:\OracleATS\OFT\test1.jwg -resultReportFolder C:/result -noReport false

      C:/OracleATS/agent/runScript.bat C:\OracleATS\OFT\test2.jwg -resultReportFolder C:/result -noReport false

      C:/OracleATS/agent/runScript.bat C:\OracleATS\OFT\test3.jwg -resultReportFolder C:/result -noReport false



      but batch run ONLY first test, what I have to do here to run all tests?

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          any ideas?

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            I found the way how to resolve my issue. I hope it will help for somebody else.

            Simple. I used "General > Block Scenarios Script" I added all scripts  as childs under this script. also I defined setting (only report error but do not fail all test if any child script failed)





            Then in cmd: C:/OracleATS/agent/runScript.bat C:/OracleATS/OFT/MYDEMO_tests/tests/DEMO_BLOCK2/DEMO_BLOCK2.jwg C:/result/SessionId -noReport false