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    Multiple hierarchiy in Essbase studio


      Hi All,


      I am deploying  ASO cube from Essbase studio, i have senario like  to enable multiple hierarchy becouse i want to select store and dynamic for G2 members .

      I tried it ...but i am not able to select both at once.


      can anyone help on this.




      ABC (Multiple Hierarchy Enable)

      Child1 (Stored )

      Child2 (Dynamic)





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          Hi Glenn / Tim / CL please replay to this

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            Why are you not able to assign Multiple Hierarchies to Dimension Properties , mention the Error you are getting if any !

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              HI 955124


              I am  not getting any error message.incase if you have implemented please let know how you did?


              Hope you understand my requirement. and there is a similar post to request. Check below


              If you have any idea ,share with us.


              Setting Aggregate Storage Option in Essbase Studio

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              Hi All,


              I'm working on reverse engineering ASO application to enable drill-through. I was able to extract the dimensions load it to the relational tables and  create outline using Essbase Studio but the issue coming up is that in two of the dimension have alternate structures and some of the members in the alternate structure have formulas. I've assigned Multiple hierarchies enabled on the dimension level and want to assign dynamic hierarchy to the alternate structure which has formula and stored for the rest of one. For this I've created one more column in the relational table which has C or D or H for the Aggregate Storage Type and assigned it on the Essbase properties of the cube schema of the parent level but its still not giving me the right results.


              Can anyone please help me to understand how can I get the below results.


              Dimension1 (Multiple Hierarchies Enabled) (Label Only)

                    |--- Parent1 (Stored Hierarchy)

                               |---  Childrens (without formulas)

                    |--- Parent2 (Dynamic Hierarchy)

                               |---  Childrens (with formulas)

                    |--- Parent1 (Dynamic Hierarchy)

                               |---  Childrens (with Shared Members)


              Thanks in Advance...

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                Can anyone answer for these requests.

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                  If you are not getting any error , then how do you know Multiple Hierarchies i snot enabled . You should have some reference to know if its working or not right ? What happens when you are changing the Member properties from Stored /Dynamic to Multiple Hierarchies Enabled ? Did you check the Dimension if it supports Multiple Hierarchy ?

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                    Thanks for the reply


                    i can enable Multiple hierarchy option at dimension level ...ok

                    for G2 studio is allowing to select on option either sotred or Dynamic.


                    After deploying into essbase Multiple hierarchy is tagged at dim level and one aggregation option is tagged stored(bcoz in studion it allowed me to select only one option  ) to G2 .


                    hope you understand my concerns.


                    my question is, do we need add a column for Storage(Dynamic/Stored) option to G2 members in source.