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    Creating a cloud connection in JDeveloper


      I have a Java cloud trial account.


      I am entering my identity domain exactly as it is in the e-mail I received confirming my account, and the service name as javatrial2757.


      I get the following error when trying to test the connection:

      Testing Cloud-Admin                ... failed.

      listApplications failed.

      Check username, password, domain, instance.

      Check cloud sdk location & version: Tools->Preferences->Oracle Cloud


      0 of 1 tests successful.

      Username and password are correct because I am able to login to the cloud administration console via a web browser.

      Domain and "instance" are from the e-mail.

      What sdk location and version am I supposed to be checking for? I had connected successfully a couple of months ago with a prior trial account I had, using the same version of JDeveloper Build JDEVADF_11., so I cannot figure out why this new account is not working.