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    Not able to start Essbase Service


      We have Hyperion Planning. I believe one of the users tried to refresh security in Hyperion Planning, however our essbase crashed. The essbase wont start. However, when i try to run in foreground by launching startEssbase, it gives a message that essbase is loaded.


      On doing Esscmd, i get the error as network error 10054 and return status as 1042013

      There is a Shared Services Client log created on the essbase server.

      On Essbase.Log, i have Wed*Apr*09*19:04:52*2014*Local*ESSBASE0***Error*(1051429)*Essbase Product Existence Check Fails against the Shared Services Server with Error *[]

      On the shared service log, I get

      2014-04-09 19:04:50,975 INFO  [main] Got hub location from Registry:http://HYPREP1:28080 com.hyperion.css.registry.RegistryManager.getHubLocationFromRegistry(Unknown Source)

      2014-04-09 19:04:51,116 INFO  [main] Got native directory location from Registry:HYPREP1.angelica.int:28089 com.hyperion.css.registry.RegistryManager.getNativeProviderLocationFromRegistry(Unknown Source)

      2014-04-09 19:04:51,116 INFO  [main] URL constructed out of values in Registry database:ldap://HYPREP1.angelica.int:28089/dc=css,dc=hyperion,dc=com com.hyperion.css.common.configuration.CSSConfigurationImplXML.initConfiguration(Unknown Source)


      I have created the case with Oracle Support since yesterday but i have not heard back from them yet! Any help will be appreciated.