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    Server requirements  to have  XML over HTTP from pl/sql


      This is a question forma beginner (from a  simple pl/sql developer).



      I want to access XML data through  HTTP using DADs. (The excersize work very well when i did on my local instalation using locathost)


      I work for a bank and i have no acess to the  server where our development enviroment run (11g).


      I have dba access,

      I defined a pl/sql that generates  xml

      I can  set the port DBMS_XDB.sethttpport(8080);

      I can create and authorize the DAD with  dbms_epg

      •    create_dad(dad_name => 'xml_demo',path => '/xml_demo/*') and
      •    authorize_dad(dad_name =>'xml_demo',user => 'MYUSER');

      I can see the the  xdbconfig document


      But it  does NOT to work when i try to run from browser ( http://myUser:myPassword@myDevServer:8080/xml_demo/get_xml_example )

      Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

      FireFox: The connection to myDevServer:8080 was interrupted while the page was loading.


      I did an specific requirment to the  UNIX team  to open the port 8080 on the server and the answer was port willl be open when the application starts to listen to the  port.

      I asked to oracle team to create a listener listening to  that port and they said that the point is not clear as already exists the port 1521 listening.


      I am an ignorant. I have no idea what i have to require. 

      What i need  to be done on the oracle server? i can not and i will be not able to access the server via my unix account.

      Some one can help me  and sorry for bothering with this matters