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    Editor loosing connections


      Has anyone else been experiencing problems recently with loosing connections when working with URL's in the editor? It has happened to me about 5 times during the last several days that I pasted a link, did some editing and was finally prompted to stay or leave the page after pressing the Post Message button. Obviously the editor somehow lost the connection, although it still shows Welcome, Dude! When I log out and back in, the editor prompts me to recover the existing message, which contains the content until I pasted the link to another thread, for example. I'm not sure what exactly causes the problem with links, but it could be something like pasting, deleting and re-pasting of a link or using the Return key to move a link around.

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          Timo Hahn

          I had a couple of red banners yesterday telling me that the content needs to be refreshed, which then happened automatically. After this editing was ok, no further problems.

          As usual I assume that some updates are going on in the background.



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            It would really be a strange coincidence though if they are patching the software while I'm editing. But perhaps the issue are long running connections.


            I tried to reproduce the issue with the links today, but so far it did not. The way the editor behaves when pasting a link is generally pretty bad. For instance, after pasting a link it is not possible to continue normal typing without editing the link. So it requires to press the Return key to continue typing in order to break out of editing the link, and then to use the backspace or delete key to reconstruct the text.