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    Multicasting for extended RAC




      I am new to RAC and planning to setup an extended RAC for a POC. The two data centers where I am planning to deploy this instance are

      within 10 miles range. However, the service provider does not allow multi casting across VLANS. Given this restriction and given that all of

      the RAC nodes have to have multicasting enabled, how do I set it up? Is it even possible?


      O/S - RHEL 6

      Nodes: Four nodes with 4x16 configuration

      DB: 11gR2 (I am open to choosing 12c if needed)

      Storage: iSCSI





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          Vandana B -Oracle

          Hello Rav,


          Multicasting is needed for HAIP to work. And HAIP is a mandatory feature from 11gR2 with some exceptions, which are follows


          It's NOT supported to disable HAIP or stop HAIP while the cluster is up and running, however:

          1. The feature is disabled in if Sun Cluster exists

          2. The feature does not exist in Windows

          3. The feature is disabled in if Fujitsu PRIMECLUSTER exists

          4. With the fix of bug 11077756 (fixed in GI PSU6,, HAIP will be disabled if it fails to start while running root script (root.sh or rootupgrade.sh), for more details, refer to Section bug 11077756

          5. The feature is disabled on Solaris 11 if IPMP is used for private network. Tracking bug 16982332

          6. The feature is disabled on HP-UX and AIX if cluster_interconnect/"private network" is Infiniband


          Ref: Grid Infrastructure Redundant Interconnect and ora.cluster_interconnect.haip (Doc ID 1210883.1)

          Ref: Grid Infrastructure Startup During Patching, Install or Upgrade May Fail Due to Multicasting Requirement (Doc ID 1212703.1)


          I hope the above information answers the need for multicasting and the ways to workaround the issue



          Vandana - Oracle