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    Financial reporting studio

    hyperion start

      I have entity branching out to department and then to unity



               unit 1

               unit 2

               unit 3.

      while creating report, how can i have a row that would have the total of these three units?

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          You can show the 3 units on a row and add anther row to sum these units by a formula and if you want not to show the row containing the 3 units, you can hide this row and only keed the other row contining the total of the 3 units.




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            hyperion start

            Thanks Ahmad for your response.

            Well we can do it but if I have hundreds of units, under about 50 diferent departments, is there a way to auto calculate (auto sum) so that after the combination of each unit, there is a subtotal. So kind of subtotalling?


            Any suggestion.

            And what would be the best document from Oracle's site that would give some insight? Anything apart from


            that is availabe at the site?



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              If the "department" member is dynamic calc, you can select the departments in the row (by selecting @Descendants of the parent of departments) and each department will automatically aggregate it units.


              Try to serach about "Adding auto calculations and mathematical functions" for hyperion financial reporting. When I find a doc I'll send you.




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                hyperion start

                Thanks, In fact, i was able to sum most by using the conditional formatting. Only one thing I have is

                if we can group them  by "member name" for example

                under department i have say three units

                unit1    data1

                unit1   data2

                unit2  data1

                unit2   data2

                unit2 data3

                unit3 data1

                I was wondering if there is anything so that i can group(total) each unit?

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                  You can create a user-defined list that groups the members you need as follows:


                  User-defined lists retrieve specified members from a database connection. You can include selected members, member lists, and functions for the specified list members. To create user-defined lists:

                  • In the Select Members dialog box, select the Lists tab.
                  • From Available Options view, select Create. The create <dimension name> list dialog box is displayed
                  • Choose the members, lists, or functions, click Add or Add Relationship , and then click OK.
                  • Enter a list name and description, and then click OK to save the list.



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                    Have you tried Auto Calculate feature in Hyperion Financial reports?


                    It would automatically calculate the total

                    Refer to the section "Adding Auto Calculations to Data Rows and Columns" in HFR Studio Guide?




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