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    Is it possible to set up ORDS 2.0.6 to run REST against databases on different hosts



      We have set up ORDS 2.0.6 against a couple of databases which are on differing machines.Ie Machine with tomcat - and a 1 listener - connecting to  2 machines each with 1 database. Normal apex logon connections to the2 different  apex environment's work fine through the listener. However, we are finding that when we set up a rest service in APEX and run the test from sql workshop against the GETmethod it works fine on the machine/database which was first defined -- the one which has the host defined in default.xml, but when we set up a similar restful service against the database, which is defined 2nd (and where there does not seem to be a separate host bit defined in default.xml, but in the related xml files in the underlying conf catalog). we get back a 503 error.


      So my question's are should it be working? Has anyone got a similar config that does work? Any ideas what the issue might be?.


      At the  moment we planning to test installation of a second listener with this second db being the default.